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Batam is the largest city (kota) of Riau Islands Province of Indonesia as well the name of an island. The city of Batam administrative area covers several islands: Batam Island is the core urban and industrial zone. Both Galang Island and Rempang Island are connected to Batam Island by short bridges, the 3 islands are collectively called Barelang.

These latter two islands maintain their rural character, as does nearby Bulan Island, also administered as part of the municipality (kota). Batam is an industrial boomtown, an emerging transport hub, and part of a free trade zone the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle, located 20 km (12 mi) off Singapore's south coast and also part of the Indonesia–Malaysia–Thailand Growth Triangle.

The Batam municipality has a population of 1,164,352 in the 2015 intercensal survey. It is the closest part of Indonesia to Singapore, at a minimum land distance of 5.8 km. During the 2010 national Census, Batam was the fastest-growing municipality in Indonesia the decade prior, with a population growth rate of 11% per year.In 2017 it has been reported the island suffered from severe job losses, some 300,000 workers have been laid off.


Batam has a tropical climate with average temperatures between 26 and 32 °C. Humidity on the island ranges from 73% to 96%. The wet season spans from November to April, while the dry season is from May to October. Average annual rainfall is around 2,600 mm


Long before it became a boomtown, Batam was a backwater of the Riau Archipelago, part of the Johor Sultanate, which came to hold sway in the 1500s, much like its neighbor Singapore. Fishing, maritime trade and piracy were main activities, and the local language and culture was Riau Malay.

Country Indonesia
Area 1,595 km²
Languages German,English
Currency Rupiah