Tazia Tower and Badal Palace, Jaisalmer

Another example of Jaisalmeri s craftsmen ship is Badal Palace, situated near Amar Sagar Gate. The Palace consists of cluster of buildings with marvellous carvings on their walls. The palace is crowning the picture of Jaisalmer fort and the town. Mandir Palace and Cloud Palace are other names of this Palace. Badal Palace is the present house of the royals.

In the midst of this complex stands a five storied tower named Tazia Tower, with each storey having its own significance. Excellently carved tower has a balcony on each floor having different designs. Tazia the replica of Mausoleum of various Imams is the perfect piece to visit after the Rajputana architectures spread over the city.

The part of this Palace is converted into restaurant and hotel. There are particular areas inside the Palace, which can be visited by the visitors.

Tazia Tower of Jaisalmer is one of the major tourist attractions. If you have done with the various Rajputana architectures scattered in the city, Tazia tower will come as a welcome break to you. It is situated in the excellent 'Badal Palace' complex located near Amar Sagar Gate. These were the homes of the former royal family. The Tazia tower is a 5-storied structure where each story has significance in its own. On each floor there is a balcony that is famous for their individual designs. This was built by Muslim craftsmen and is based on the shape of Tazia. Tazia is actually the replica of Mausoleum of various Imams. They are made of wood, thermocol and colored papers. The architects gifted it to the then royal patrons.


Head to Tazia Tower and witness a five storied enchanting architecture which has numerous balconies. The best part about the Tazia Tower is its delicately carved balconies. Mounted on the top of Badal palace, this tower resembles "tazia", a tomb which is carried in processions for various Islamic festivities.

Fashioned in the form of Tazia, the sacred structure of a tomb carried out by Shiite Muslims during the Muharram procession, The Tazia Tower is an exquisite edifice, located in the Badal Palace Complex in the Amar Sagar Gate, which was once the residence of the royal family. The structure is a five-storied complex with each story possessing a unique balcony with an exclusive design of its own. It was constructed in the 20th century by Muslim carvers who presented it as a gift to the people and the ruler of Jaisalmer. With its intricate and delicate design, the structure is no less than an architectural marvel. It still retains several paintings and artwork of a bygone era, showcasing a rich history of this amazing city of western Rajasthan.

Tazia in Urdu refers to a float taken during the procession of Muharram. The old Muslim craftsmen of the time gave this structure the shape of a Tazia as a symbol of their religion. The architects of the tower gifted the palace to the Royal patrons of Badal Palace. Tazia Tower is located in the Badal Palace complex near Amar Sagar Gate. Rich in history, this is a five-storeyed tower, with each floor maintaining its own significance. Note that every floor has a unique and beautiful balcony.

Visitor Information

Location: Badal Palace Complex

Attractions : Composite architecture and minarets

Timings : From early morning till 5 PM