Mahamandir Temple

Come and explore the architectural marvel of Jodhpur. Built in 1812, this temple is supported by 84 pillars which are decorated with frescos and carvings depicting yogic postures, intricate motifs and other artwork within its premises. The temple boasts a beautifully designed hall that is used for Yoga classes. The best part of this temple is its royal architecture which attract tourist in large numbers.

Come and pay a visit to one of the most beautiful shrines in Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Mahamandir; a marvelous piece of architecture. Constructed in 1812, it is a great 84 pillared temple with intricate stone carvings exhibiting yogic postures. The main deity inside the temple is of Lord Shiva.

Around 2km away from Jodhpur on the road to Mandore, Mahamandir boasts of various pre-historic shrines and houses adorned with brilliant stone works.

The shrine is frequently visited by Shiva devotees and photo fanatics. The magical ambience of the temple will rejuvenate you as a whole and rebuild your faith in the almighty.

The Mahamandir in Jodhpur is open on all days of the week; Monday to Sunday. The morning opening hours of the temple are 5:00am to 12:00pm and evening hours are 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

When it comes to beauty, the Maha Mandir temple at Jodhpur is a splendid piece of architecture. It is truly a treat to the eye and also has gained more popularity in the last few years. Now, it enjoys a position of being at the center of Rajasthan Tourist Attractions. The fabulous master architecture is supported by fourteen pillars. The temple boasts a beautiful designed hall that is used for Yoga classes to train various positions of Yoga to keep your health fit. The best part of this temple is its royal architecture that attributes the beauty of the temple often makes tourists awestruck.


Built in 1812 and standing as one of the prime attractions of the city of Jodhpur is the Mahamandir Temple. It is well known for its marvellous piece of architecture that stands on 84 beautifully carved pillars. These pillars display intricate stone carvings that depict yoga postures. The walls of the temple are designed with traditional motifs as well that have an amazing royal aura about itself.

Mahamandir Temple is supported by 84 pillars and ornamented with detailed designs and figures depicting various postures of Yoga. Located at a distance of 2 km from Jodhpur on the road towards Mandore, the temple was built in 1812. In the premises of the temple, there are many ancient shrines and houses that reflect intricate works of stone. Traditional motifs act as the stud to the walls and pillars of the temple.

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